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family trying to cope with a serious drug problem


anti-drug disorder (ADD2)  is the incessant ridicule and severe psychopathic disdain for anyone who is suspected of abusing or using drugs -- illicit or otherwise -- that is often triggered by personal guilt, fear, and ignorance.  It most commonly is inflicted on teenagers by paranoid adults who have been indoctrinated to believe that they are right.  It is abusive and discriminatory behavior that has resulted in 30-to-40% of all homicides in the US since the inception of the WOD. 

In the US, you don't have to look very far to find it.  Anti-Drug Disorder (ADD2) many not appear in the APA DSM-IV, but it's all over our society.  If the WOD were to end, just what kind of behavior might we expect from these people?  ADD2 is a modern man-made anger that exists in our courtrooms, in our hospitals and clinics, and in our families.  Talk show host, Oprah Winfrey has it. Every time you walk outside your home, there are people who would sooner see a drug user put to death than to live within a four block radius of them.  It's rather poignant that many of them are drug users themselves.    

anti-drug disorder (ADD2) -- the "2" is to distinguish it from attention deficit disorder -- is probably the single most destructive force to emerge from the WOD. It criminalizes innocent people who are often engaging in normal behavior.  It is probably the major reason why drug programs and treatment fail, since it ostracizes the victim and causes what may very well be an irrevocable breakdown of the victim's self-esteem.  If used when confronting an imagined drug problem, it can lead the victim to turn to drugs as a solution.  If it is used to confront a real drug problem, it may forever disintegrate the relationship between two people.  

Because we live in an anti-drug society, there is no escape for the victim.  Essentially, the victim's life is dictated to him or her, frequently by someone critical to that person's life.  Very often it impacts a person's ability to achieve goals.  Therefore, it is disabling to the victim.  At some point -- depending on the severity of the case -- the victim must forego the relationship with the antagonizor.   Marriages have been known to fail and families are torn apart.  

Oddly enough, the homicides that occur because of ADD2 are never associated with drugs.  In fact, many of those who have ADD2 are rarely foreseen as the problem.  It is always the drug user/abuser who receives treatment for this disorder, because legally, it is reactionary behavior.    


Thus far, there is no treatment for someone with ADD2 since it is not recognized as a mental illness.  Very often the victim is pressed to make a move and the patient is victimized.  This role reversal is rewarding to the patient who continues to promote the behavior at will.     


The majority of those who suffer from ADD2 are parents or guardians, responsible for the lives of children.    


Physicians tend to have ADD2 after many of their colleagues were penalized and/or incarcerated.  Because of ADD2, most physicians today carry a prejudice against mirnorities.

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