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Drug Free Can Be Just As Debilitating As Drug Abuse


In January 2006, the U.S. Congress stated: "Too little is known about drug abuse, especially the causes, ways to treat, and prevent drug abuse."  Coping in a chemically altered world without drugs to restore the balance can lead to chronic medical disorders.   One of the most devastating consequences is a "panic attack".  Left untreated, a severe  panic attack can lead to suicidal ideation as it produces uncontrollable anxiety.   Imagine experiencing a pain so severe that will only end with death. 











Quantitative Drug Administration Mathematically Defined 


At the 2007 International Drug Policy Reform Conference in New Orleans last December , Richard Gicomeng unveiled the first mathematical model that shows the relationship between Drug Use, Drug Abuse, Chemical Dependency, and Anti-Drug Disorder, the four approaches to drug administration.  The Dose-Time Scale, an x,y graph,  which defines drug quantity as the sole factor that distinguishes abuse from use. This model highlights the artifacts born from an absence of education that has been caused directly by  the war on drugs.  The posture of anti-drug disorder, tells us that no matter what, sooner or later, those who are attracted to drugs are prone to develop a "drug problem".   That's because in the American society there is no such behavior as drug use.  Only drug abuse and chemical dependency are recognized.  Drug use is synonymous with drug abuse and anti-drug is strangely regarded as politically correct behavior.   

2008 SEP 18: Changing Attitudes About Drug Use 


How long will it take for the U.S. Government to adopt more pro-positive attitudes about drug use?  Attitudes about drug use have shifted long ago as measured by the number of drug policy reformists and dwindling numbers of anti-drug proponents.  All that many Americans want and need is a good, old-fashioned, strong, charismatic leader who can bring about an end to the violence and deliver a drug policy that is sensible.  


Negative attitudes about sorcery and witchcraft prevailed throughout the Medieval period and are embedded in religious and cultural traditions today...  Thomas Brattle, the Massachusetts Bay Colony merchant whose letter to the Salem magistrates presiding over the infamous witch trials, eliminated spectral evidence that resulted in verdicts favorable to the defendants, thus, ending one of the grimmest periods in American History.  Government hostility towards its enemies has always spawned ignorance and fear... but today, drugs have taken center stage as "public enemy number one" ever since Richard Nixon gave drugs such christening in 1971.  Nearly 40 years have passed, millions have died in the WOD, and billions have been impacted. The spotlight must be on transforming attitudes about drug use.

Here's Your Chance to DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY! 


...just don't expect to get any medals of honor!  Here's the battle plan for 2008 right from the ONDCP.  Find out why they are stepping up the war on drugs during the last year of George "cokehead" Bush's reign.  Are you a target?  So far, there have been millions of false arrests, millions of ruined lives, and it's no wonder why the battlefields have the poorest healthcare record.  More DEA means fewer healthcare providers are willing to take the risk to provide medications for pain.  Notice how some states -- like Idaho -- have no DEA.  Meanwhile Idaho, home to wealthy Hollywood socialites, has by far more illicit drug trafficking from Canada than any other state.  Compare this map to declining property values!  It isn't the drugs.  It's the drug LAWS that are making mincemeat out of our real estate and our economy! 

The War on Drugs is a Moratorium on the Evolution of Humanity in the Electro-Chemical Age


Richard Gicomeng's Presentation for the 2007 International Conference on Drug Policy Reform 

2007 December 5, 6, 7, & 8 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


MS PowerPoint Presentation now in HTML format.  Click on the icon and allow a few minutes to download.  Be patient! Why not clean your desk space while you wait.  

It's Cool to be "Drug Free"; But "Anti Drug" is Offensive,  Malicious, and  a Disorder. 


Should non-violent drug offenders be subjected to vigilantism? Should ordinary people who take drugs for medical reasons be subjected to abuse? What about self-medicators? What about anyone...?  Being "drug free" is a plausible achievement, but for many, it is impractical.  There are many people in our society who use drugs to achieve normalcy in their lives.   If you're having difficulty determining what Gicomeng's message is, here's the best place to start.  This will give you a clear perspective of why we feel there needs to be a radical revolution rather than simple reform.  Here you will find the foundation of why Drug Use Education (DUE) is so important and hopefully anyone who fears drugs will realize that the concern here is for a healthier, more productive society because the drugs themselves are nothing to fear, the quantity and other factors are what needs to be controlled.  And that we can accomplish.... 

Every Body Has A Brain

A Different Shade of Gray


Richard Gicomeng's Presentation to the 2nd Annual Conference on Methamphetamine, AIDS, & Hepatitis;

2007 February 1, 2, & 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

MS PowerPoint Presentation now in HTML format.  Click on the icon and allow a few minutes to download.  Be patient! Why not clean your desk space while you wait.  

Drug Use Education (DUE)...

We teach our kids how to drive a car... swim in water... we don't teach them how to get into an accident or how to drown or just say 'NO!'   Then why do we teach our kids about drug abuse...?  Drug use is not a crime, a disease, or a disorder.   DUE brings kids into hospitals and clinics to learn pharmacology, nursing, and medicine. The purpose of this program is designed to strengthen healthcare and promote knowledge, safety, and responsible drug use.

STOP! The War on Drugs

Potentially 19 million American citizens remain unable to work due to lack of a controlled substance to treat chronic disorders. Since the war on drugs was launched in 1971, almost 15 million deaths worldwide have been implicated to the war on drugs.   About 25% of the current US prison population of nearly 2.4 million remain incarcerated for non-violent drug-related crimes.  The healthcare system in the US continually degrades every year because the war on drugs undermines the ability of providers to treat patients.  If you are looking for 15 of the most powerful reasons why to end the war on drugs, you'll find it on this page prepared in June 2007.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  

The 2008 US Presidential Campaign:  More of the Same?

Last year's U.S. presidential election will not have a desirable impact on drug policy for anyone.  The Obama administration has made a conservative move to preserve the climate of fear and ignorance that has resulted in a society where the educated recognize the president's failure to revolutionize drug policy  as a fatal error while the uneducated and undereducated cling to the hope that turning drug abuse into a medical anomaly will prove effective, while the absolutely stupid members of society cling to the hope for a Drug Free America.     Healthcare resolution begins with providing all citizens with medical training and Drug Use Education... 

Hatred from Oppressed Drug User Wannabes  

There's a difference between a loved one who is concerned about someone's drug abuse and a loved one who intimidates, threatens, and berates a drug user.  Anti-drug disorder(ADD2) is very real in our society.  It exists in government, healthcare, and every business.  Because it's recognized as acceptable behavior, it's become commonly used by even those who use and abuse drugs.  Apply a little common sense.   It's not acceptable to hate anyone for any reason.  ADD2 is often violent, threatening, discriminating, and it has been a direct cause of student gun violence, gang warefare, and police brutality.  Any behavior that causes harm or is overly punitive is abnormal and must be stopped.  It is the number one reason for stopping the WOD. 


Comparison of Chemical Substances

The US government gets an "F" in their mission to control the most dangerous substances.  The chemicals  they control are just the ones that they don't want you to have because they might be useful to you.  We analyzed 4 substances that are considered "recreational drugs".  Surprisingly, the one that was considered the least harmful and often prescribed for six-year olds, is a controlled substance.   The two that cause the most harm are available to the public.  The fourth is made in a clandestine lab. 


The Yellow Rose Mission

The Yellow Rose Mission was launched in December 2006 by Richard Gicomeng.  The purpose of the mission is to form a network of volunteers who campaign against the promotion of ignorance, death, drug abuse, and other abnormal behavior associated with the war on drugs.  Our team members join us because they are fed up with the high mortality of victims who are often entrapped.  Today, the mission is a team of more than 5,000 volunteers from various cities who campaign on the Internet and door-to-door.  We don't ask for money.  We want your time.  JOIN US!


"Junkies" in the White House

Here's some useless trivia for you. Or maybe you'll find it very useful! What is the difference between the Clintons and the Bushes? The first families have bizarre attitudes and practices with drugs.  Laura Bush sold illicit drugs on a regular basis while in college and the Bush family are regular drug users.  The Clintons are adamantly opposed to drugs.  Both families have shown a great deal of interest in keeping up the drug war.  DRUGS BELONG IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE NOT POLITICS!


DrugUseEducation.org       WATCOUT!

... for these forthcoming additions to this website. 


The War on Drugs is Genocide Imposed by US Government 

For Sacrificing Their Lives In the War on Drugs -- The Purple Heart


Drug war victims who gave up their lives in SWAT raids -- many of them innocent women and children -- remain the unsung heroes of a war that should have never been.  They should be remembered as should those who accidentally overdosed from drugs or those in law enforcement who gave up their lives that have already been eulogized and remembered.  Here is the recommendation for changes in AR 600-8-22 to include those who gave up their lives for American freedom which is expected to be introduced to the 111th Congress in 2009 along with a Drug War Remembrance Day, June 17, to commemorate those on the day that the war had begun.  With over 145 million U.S. citizens impacted by the WOD and 77% of the general public disapproving of the WOD, this is extremely likely to pass and predictably have a domino impact to end the  the war.


Not Prison,




Employment Puts an End to Addictions


During the administration of George W. Bush, drug use and abuse in the U.S. doubled as a result of the presidential administration's fear tactics, increasing incidents of self-medication, and the inability of many to find jobs.  Loss of employment doesn't stop drug abuse.  In fact, unemployment is the foundation for drug addiction.  After an 8-year reign of terror, what drug users in America need is the chance to work.