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           The First Family of Drug Trafficking


drug dealer




First lady, Laura Welch Bush, is no stranger to drugs. 

 In college, she was was the "house drug dealer of her dormitory,  selling an assortment of illicit drugs on a routine basis", according to biographer, Kitty Kelly. 

 Does she coordinate the solicitation of cocaine that husband, George W, uses today? 

While thousands of legitimate drug users and physicians remain incarcerated today, serving sentences as long as 40 years, there are many well-known illicit drug users who have made it into important positions, proving that a drug user/abuser in the White House is not going to guarantee an end to the WOD, a largely political war targetting subversive types in America.  Today, everyone is hiding their own consumption of drugs.  And that's just the way it should be; that's what comes out of those long nightly seessions in the Bohemiam Grove.  

Recently, former White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, revealed that President George W. Bush is one of them.  No one really needed McClellan to spill the beans.  That happened years ago when Bush was governor of Texas.  But rather that excite the press, the story was buried because there wasn't enough evidence to prove it.  


That's probably because at that time, much of the world's attention was diverted to Monica Lewinsky's blue stained dress.   What could be more important than the sexual prowess of a of a married U.S. president and a Democrat? Certainly, the Republican governor of Texas who was considering a run for the presidency didn't deserve the unwanted attention, so the story disappeared. 

Throughout his two terms as president, Bush has taken minimal precautions to hide drug-induced behavior.  However, when biographer Kitty Kelly suggested that first lady, Laura Bush, might have a history of illicit drug solicitation, that seemed so cheap and grocery store tabloid that no one believed it, even when it was proven.  It reminds us that everyone has had some exposure to drugs.  It also reminds us that in a nation which has one of the worst healthcare systems, somehow people are finding ways to cope and survive.  .  Meanwhile, the histories of American leaders are filled with drug offenses that could have sent them off to prison for the rest of their lives.  Instead, no one cares what they've done in their past.  What it shows our nation and the rest of the world, contrary to what many think, drug money talks.  For example:

  • JFK and Jackie had adminstered daily "hot shots" in the White House under a physician's approval.  Hot shots were vitamin boosters that were made with vitamins, methamphetamine, and a "calming depressant" for those who had the jitters on meth alone.  The Bay of Pigs incident has been conveyed as a hot-headed move by JFK while he was high... Jackie and Ari were known to be "meth freaks".  To avoid publicity and spying, the couple reportedly had wild orgies on board his jet.  Jackie never made comments to the press about her political views but she supposedly shared them with her companions.   At Doubleday, Jackie expressed her viewpoint even further when she questioned Nixon's "rash judgment to introduce a war against drugs."
  • Johnson in later years smoked pot.
  • Pat Nixon never let it be known that she used painkillers. 
  • When Betty Ford became a public figure, she indulged in drugs to such extent that she was the brunt of criticism, especially in those early years of the drug war.  When criticism about her drug habits became publicized, she turned to one of her aides and reportedly asked:  "How do I make this all go away?"  Without missing a beat, the first lady went through a public detox and opened the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, CA, putting forth the appearance that she advocated treatment for drug abuse.  However, privately she continued and still continues to use drugs.   As s rule, however, she does not appear in public when she indulges.
  • Reports about Rosalyn Carter using drugs have never been proven.  Amy Carter had admitted that she smoked pot and has used other drugs.
  • Nancy Reagan was reportedly the queen of White House drug users.  By introducing "Just Say 'NO!'" the first lady created a statement that had a dual purpose.  The phrase quickly became the standard for patients when confronted by a physician and teenagers when confrnted by parents.
  • Bill, Hilary, & Chelsea are anti-drug particularly because they come from families that abused drugs.  Bill's brother, Roger, has appeared on television drunk and drugged.  He's been through rehab and claims to be drug & alcohol free, but America liked him better when he was high, stoned and drunk, it seems.
  • The entire Bush family is known to be associated with drugs and alcohol.  Barbara is no teetodler, and she downs her drinks, many say.  At the inauguration of her husband, I met Barbara who was drinking brandy.  She said she hardly noticed how cold it was .  Of course, not! How does one feel anything after five snifters of brandy.   Today's first family has a reputation for concealing their drug use.  Take a look at the footage of GWB during Reagan's funeral.  Actually, take a look at a lot of the footage when he's with Laura and unprepared to speak.  Rumor has it that GWB's a major tweaker.  Both he and his daughters have gained more publicity for their drug use than all other administrations combined!  It figures that he would introduce Homeland Security to stop drug users.  I suppose it really does prove that these drugs bring out the paranoiac delusions in everyone.
  • Barack Obama is the second presidential candidate in US history to openly reveal drug usage, and with good reason:  It doesn't matter anymore that people use drugs.  The WOD is just a hoax. 
The WOD undermines the poor folk that cannot afford healthcare. Not one of the presidential administrations has adequately provided a solution to the enigma of psycho-active chemical substances because the US Government fears that it would take only one drug that would unleash all others. Yet this has been the case all along.  Alcohol and cigarettes are two drugs that come to terms with the fact that drugs heal.  People take drugs to heal.   Abstinence is not the answer; education is.