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2007 JAN 09



GW Bush Legacy: Buried Beneath an Avalanche of Debris








There is one thing that President George W. Bush doesn't have to worry about at the end of his reign, that is how to ensure his legacy will remain intact. Even if he were to miraculously salvage the Iraq war -- he's more likely to become the next Albert Einstein first -- and the Economy, the man who occupies the White House today would still get a failing grade for his presidency in which he divided a nation, weakened America's middle class,  recklessly derailed the Constitution, and sabotaged the US like no other president before him. Not only did he invite terrorism to our shores, but he exercised it as policy in the Oval Office. GWB's ability to stampede over foreign diplomacy has forever disgraced our nation as we plummeted from the pedestal of a super power into an arrogant and irrational nation, fixated on separatism rather than unity. GWB did not guide the hand of freedom, he cast out radical and rebellious plans, dictating weak ideologies and fearful tactics.  

At home, GWB replaced the American Dream with the American Nightmare by showing us how someone with little intelligence can dictate policy simply by reading queue cards, and stretching the meaning of the term, stock response whenever a teleprompter was not to be found. But for many of us, perhaps the most significant measure of GWB's legacy will be wrapped up in his failed campaign for jobs and growth.

George Walker Bush deceived theAmerican people when he promised new jobs, and again when he insisted that the War in Iraq was weighted on evidence that weapons of mass destruction were abound in Saddam Husain's domain, and his ambition to find Osama bin Ladin.   We still have no clue what the Bush Administration knew about 9/11.  



Under Bush, the economy produced 3.7 million new jobs from January 2001 through December of last year based on nonfarm payroll figures collected by the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That figure is likely to be higher -- perhaps by an additional 810,000-- when the government releases annual revisions based on more complete information next month. However, that doesn't change the basic historical picture.

When Clinton was in the White House, the economy generated 17.6 million jobs during the corresponding period -- from January 1993 to December 1998. Under Reagan, 9.5 million jobs were created from January 1981 to December 1986.

Those are the two most-recent two-term presidents before Bush. Some 2.6 million jobs were created during the four-year term of Bush's father, who took office in January 1989.



Of all the presidents in US history, the Bush Administration climaxed with the lowest success rate, a number of corporate scandals; one -- Enron -- that directly implicated the presidential administration. It was the first time since the War of 1812 that Washington DC was impacted by enemy forces, and the first and second times in the history of the nation that America's government was ill prepared to deal with crisis. While the aftermath of 9/11 was indicative of a weak presidency, however, the response to Hurricane Katrina that leveled New Orleans was pathetic, allbeit not nearly as pathetic as our inability to capture Osama bin Laden for allegedly masterminding the events of 9/11. The changes that resulted in the aftermath of this event with the adoption of the Patriot Act, literally brought a halt to freedom in America. 

During just six years of an eight-year term, GW Bush has broken the floor of democracy in establishing a self-serving capitalist dictatorship with one of the worst healthcare systems in the world.  Despite tough crime laws, Bush now holds the track record for the detainment of prisoners, the  executions, and the most populated prison system the world has ever known. While the US is not a riotous anarchy, it offers citizens a substandard educational system, lack of work, and a regression of human rights and human values. The affect of the population is one of greed, high prices, and a loss of pride and spirit. While minorities made great strides during the Clinton administration, the Bush administration has managed to scale back opportunities for minorities, creating deep rifts in the African-American, Latino, and gay and lesbian communities. The invention of Homeland Security has spawned a government that causes failure in decent human citizens as the laws that were once there to protect the public are now laws to bring about harm to innocent US citizens.

In the Clinton administration, programs for NASA moved forward with the development and launch of the International Space Station that the prior two presidents misunderstood and irradicated from their agenda. In his feeble attempt to imitate Bill Clinton, GW Bush raised expectations from Americans by portraying a plan for human flight to Mars, thus obscuring other important NASA work and intermediate programs -- such as the development of a space platform -- which are natural precursors to launching a Mars mission. Today, the NASA remains unfocused in it's near term goals, suspended by the lofty goals of President Bush that have become pointless garble, making our government a comedy skit for other nations.

The fear and shame that President Bush brought to the US people stands out like fire with the question of his criminal participation in the events of 9/11 still unanswered. While the outcome of the recent election was evidence enough that Americans were convinced that Bush's destructive path led the Republican Party into a woeful posture, it is shameful that Americans can no longer find the energy or clarity of mind to overthrow this dictator.

As we breathe the air of undisclosed information about the chemtrails that remain on our skies, we have become slaves to those in the oil industry -- among them the president -- who have generated an economy fueled on separating the wealthiest from the now overburdened middle class. It has been a slow degradation of human life that Americans now find themselves drowning in the high price of living in a society where morality has been distorted with the banning of same sex marriage in many states. Christianity has never before been associated with such injustice that overpours from false premonitions of moral doctrine. Sexualizing Jesus Christ is perhaps the biggest scandal that this administration has supported by allegedly fabricating the marriage between Mary Magdaline and Jesus and having them bear children. On the other side of the coin, the call to impede the marriage of same sex couples may seem like a moral and just means, it is nothing but the sinful and greedy population of Christians that are now generating an immoral population in condeming their gay brothers and lesbian sisters. If Christians were so concerned with morality, they would applaud the right to marriage of same sex couples as an indication of their gracious and Jesus-like acceptance. Instead, these very people who promote a ban on marriage of same sex couples are fulfilling their own needs while failing to embrace others. The question is: Where have Christian morals gone? The man who gave us one commandment to live by has been crucified again by the witless population of those who shamefully refer to themselves as the followers of Christ when they should be damned to hell for empowering themselves to the level of God. Let it be remembered that while Jesus Christ said nothing about homosexuality, Jesus was, in fact, driven to passionate violence over the merchants who turned the Temple into a money-making organization. For those who believe in heaven should note that it is easier to pull a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven.

From the perspective of the conservatives and the veterans, GWB must be the most disappointing enigma ever to be found on the face of the earth. In just a few years, Bush managed to turn us from a super power in to country of super fools, led by the joker himself, GW Bush. Overthrowing the leader of a country that once allied with the US, and who honestly was found not to have the weapons of mass destruction that Bush claimed with knowledge that was derived from whatever sources he had that were not the team of inspectors who waged a battle to be heard. From whatever dream or thought of reasoning that GW Bush had, it is evidently those voices that prodded Bush to demand war are clearly a sign of mental illness, perhaps one that is drug induced, but clearly a mental illness. It should be with great concern that the citizens of this country can support a political power who suffers from delusions such that he exercizes poor judgement in the interpretation of the Constitution that states we will not aggressively take over any soveriegn nation, and yet, our presence in Iraq defiles this law, as does the execution of Suddam Husain who was hunted down like some human trophy while we have given carte blanche to Osama bin Ladin to live anywhere, perhaps even in the US.

To the president who turned life into a game that is played by contrived rules, there isn't enough time or space to address the harm that you brought to our country. Nothing can undue the damage that you've done, and we can only hope that there is a judgement day for the sake of all thouse lives you've taken and continue to take every day.