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During the Clinton Administration, an experimental program was launched to inhibit the effects of methamphetamine and cocaine. Using "blockers", it is possible to inhibit the effects of these and other drugs from reaching the pleasure center in the hypothalamus.  The Methamphetamine Act of 2005 (Bush Administration) a bipartisan move to reduce the potential threat of crystal methamphetamine was introduced by Senators Hawkins and Feinstein.  As a result, it is possible for the US government to reduce the quality of crystal methamphetamine so that it becomes basically ineffective.  The extent of which these programs has been implemented remains unknown.  For the first program, however, studies on the web suggest that the effects would haphazardly reduce the effect to which pain medication would be able to work. Thus, the process which is irreversible might not allow subjects to be fully sedated in the event that they require surgery. 


Speculation exists that these programs are in place today and subject every civilian drug user to an act that is not only unconstitutional, but this is an unethical and inhumane breech of human liberty.  In the case of the first program, it alters the body to experience pain with no way of stopping it.  So far, those who have come forward with problems of severe depression and an inability to respond to illicit street drugs have not been told they might have been subjects of the program.  It is also very possible that many citizens might have been administered one or more of the experimental blockers without their knowledge or consent.  Minority groups, especially members of the gay and lesbian communities and those with AIDS, probably should be concerned that such experimentation is possible and the government could be taking control of their lives in this manner. 


As for the second program, reports throughout Southern California have already been confirmed that the quality of illicit street drugs remains very low.  Manipulation of meth labs in the United States and Mexico have seemed to trigger feelings that drug dealers and suppliers have knowledge about this.  There is plenty more to come as new information becomes available from leaks in Homeland Security Federal Protective Services.