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DUE Creates a Barrier Virtually Eliminating Misuse and Abuse as Threats

Comparative Stories of Monica & Henry's Summer Vacation

Before DUE

After DUE

 Summer Vacation Begins Without DUE

(Monica meets Henry who has just arrived at the vacation spot with his family.  Monica give Henry a tour.)

 Summer Vacation Begins After DUE

(Henry has been in DUE since kindergarten; Monica has never been in DUE program.)

Monica: Listen, I've got some killer stuff on me.  I mean it is the bomb.  You want to try some?

Henry:  Oh, no.  I know you probably think I'm a nerd but I'm proud to be drug free.

Monica:  Oh, you  believe all that garbage they told you in school.  Look, our own president -- Barack Obama, the one everybody adores even admitted to using weed and cocaine when he was younger.  All kids do it.  My sister is the director of the Rehab Clinic here.  She's the one who gives me this stuff and she knows what's good and what's not.

Henry: How does she know that?

Monica: Like I said, she's the director of the clinic..  She gets what she wants and she only takes the stuff that's safe and a great high.  She uses it herself. 

Henry: Wait a minute!  Your sister is director of a Rehab Clinic and she does drugs!?

Monica:  Shhh!  I don't want the world to know about it.  Everyone will be after her.  When you work for the government, you're privledged to such amenities.  They just don't want the -- you know -- undesirable stupid kids who don't know how to use it to suddenly wind up in the hospital, that's all.  If my sister was here right now,  we'd be halfway finished with this joint because she'll just start smoking it and it you don't want to get high, she doesn't want you ruinging hers.

Henry: (dumbfounded) And she works for a Rehab Clinic.  Wow!  That's -- that's like... fucked up or something.  I duuno.

Monica:  It's not.  When you come from my family, you're in touch with the real world.  My Dad is a high ranking admnistration who's responsible for the drug policy legislation.  You know, the US Code of Law.  You know what that is?

Henry:  Yes. Sorts -- but-- well, not really all that much.

Monica (lighting joint, takes inhales and holds it in after counting on her fingers for Henry how long she can hold it)  See That!  30 seconds.  And  oh  my God...!  (acts giddy and become very sassy and seductive after handing the joint over to Henry).

Henry: (holding the joint, Monica shows him how to inhale)  I know how to do this.  I mean I hang out with the guys who smoke it every morning.  I just never had a reason to use it until now.

(Once the joint touches Henry's lips, he's under Monica's control.  From then on, the stage is set. A few weeks later, Monica introuces other drugs that she allegedly gets from her sister.  Henry is overwhelmed as his summer vacation becomes one long party that never ends.  Since Henry's parents aren't always around, it's just a matter of time before luck holds out and Henry finds himself busted along with his newfound friends. )

Monica: Listen, I've got some killer stuff on me.  I mean it is the bomb.  You want to try some?

Henry: I'd much rather get to know you better and save that for a more appropriate time.  Have you ever been windsurfing?

Monica:  You're kidding, right?  Windsurfing is for nerds.

Henry:  Hey I like to be physically active.  Nerds aren't physically active.  They're bookworms.  My Dad showed me how to windsurf and I can teach you.

Monica:  How about a joint first?

Henry: (laughs)

Monica:  What the hell is so damn funny?

Henry:  You are.  You're a pothead, aren't you?  You smoke that shit all the time.  Right?

Monica:  No!  I don't!  My sister she's the director of the Rehab Clinic here and she-

Henry::  -- Should know better and you should too. 

Monica: But she says it's okay.  Look, our own president admitted to using cocaine and marajuana many times when he was growing up and it didn't do anything to him.

Henry:  Monica, I have nothing against drugs, but if getting to know you depends on smoking a joint, then I'd rather not get to know you..  I said that maybe tonight we could smoke some but not in the middle of the afternoon.  We just met.  Shoudln't we get to know one another without drugs first?  If not, then I might never get a chance to know the real you. 

Monica: (frustration) You know nothing about drugs.

Henry:  (Rattleing off some impressive information he's learned since he was in kindergarten and then starts to walk away.)

Monica:  (Thinking, she runs after Henry):  Henry!  Wait a minute.  You're right.  I don't need this joint.  I want to get to know you better.   You mean much more than some weed.   I'm sorry.  I really want to go windsurfing.  Please.

Henry:  (Puts his arms around Monica and kisses her for almost a minute.  Monica never felt a kiss like that)   Time for windsurfing.

(By that night, Monica has forgotten all about MaryJane.  It becomes unimportant in her life and when the two start dating, all her friends are envious.  They may not stop smoking weed and using drugs, but with Henry's influence on the community, they learn to control abuse.


No one becomes a drug "addict" overnight unless it is an intentional change in someone's life.  For example, a teenager goes on summer vacation, somone he or she meets introduces drugs on the first day and comes around every day with drugs thereafter.  That would constitute an intentional "addiction".  Summers are short and the addiction can be short-lived.  A summer vacation is too short a period for a dependency to develop. But how it starts will be a good measure of how it will end.  In the parallel stories of Monica and Henry, the first Henry fears marajuana, making it taboo.  To overcome the fear, Henry has no choice but to plunge into it.  

Anti-drug disorder (ADD2) might be effective in delaying the actions of the teenager from administering the drug, but it will not stop the teen completely.  Even in 2009, the only response that ADD2 provides is "No".  Sure, we might educate young people to know what the drug looks like and how it is abused, but the objective of ADD2 is not about teaching a student how to "Use" the drug responsibly, or intelligent ways to avoid even using the drug that will impress the one who offers it.  In fact, if every student was trained on DUE, the likelihood of two teens having such encounter as the one above would be near zero.


In the above second version of the story, Henry is already seasoned about drugs.  He knows what Monica is going to say because in the classroom he's practiced engaging in conversations with various students and he knows just what to say.  It's not indoctrination though.  It comes from deep inside the limbic system in Henry's brain.  It's something he formulated himself based on what he learned. 

What Henry does in the second version is to take control rather than be controlled.  He doesn't just say no to drugs, he says that the present time is not the right time.  Many young people start using drugs because they learn from adults or friends.  They hear people like our president admit to using cocaine and marajuana and they now think it's okay to use drugs.  What prompts them to use drugs sooner rather that later are the organizations which want to make the world drug-free.  There is a fear among young and even older people that one day they will wake up and these drugs won't be there anymore, so if they want to use them they must start now.  The premature abuse of drugs is a scourge in our society.  It createsaddiction and dependency and leads to a lifetime enslaved by drugs.  The fear of being without them is so real and pervasive, but there are no alternatives other than ones which enforce treatment and or punishment.  No one is saying: You can use drugs and have a happy, healthy life, but there are millions who have. 

To change the dynamics, the U.S. Government needs to start take the leadership role in the nation and allow drugs to exist.  This is the first step in taking control the right way instead of the haphazard way.  By allowing "use" and disallowing "abuse", the government is taking the first step to conquer drug abuse.  Althgouht drug abuse will never disappear completely, it will become a conscious decision rather than one which is unknown.  It will free our physicians and lead to better pharmaceutical drugs that are legal.