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Recreational Drug Use

Until now, July 2008, my quest to end the WOD has been largely associated with the impact US drug policy has had on those who have a legitimate medical need for drugs that are available but they cannot obtain.  It disgusts me when our politicians act like second-grade safety monitors, thwarting badly needed research, using local law enforcement to chase down often decent tax-paying citizens, arresting physicians and patients.   While I entertained the notion of recreational drugs, I somehow felt that there was no reason to support this purpose as it was of lesser importance than a truly medical need.  Having surveyed the extensive communities that use drugs to enhance their lives while engaging in sexual activity, dancing, surviving in a relationship, or whatever else it is that recreational drug users fancy, I have always been inclined to believe that there is some other medical purpose that these drugs must serve for the general public to spend their time and money, risking their own safety for a simple pleasure.   And while I've analyzed the recreational drug perspective very carefully, my attitude has always been typical of a pharmacological Calvinist:  If it isn't necessary, then why bother to use drugs. 

Today, I have taken a complete departure away from that type of thinking.  I am convinced that it doesn't really matter if psycho-active substances have a medical value or use for pleasure purposes, when these drugs add to the quality of human life used responsibly, government has no business to diminish that situation by interfering.   It is only when these drugs are recklessly abused by citizens, causing harm to themselves and/or others, that the government has the right to provide treatment and retraining.  However, Drug Use Education along with cooperative supporting communities will greatly reduce any need for treatment or re-education of adults.

  Despite the elaboration of WOD, I am convinced that the motives of our lawmakers are totally misguided.  They are blinded by propaganda and cannot realize that society is forward moving.  During the 1950s and 1960s without today's intense laws, drugs were used with discretion.  Our celebrities may have used drugs, but they were far more reserved when it came to displaying their use on camera.  It was simply the protocol of the era. Marilyn Monroe, for example, might have been affected by drugs when she was photographed or filmed, but would never consider a live demonstration depicting drug administration.  On the other hand, today's celebrated icons boldly allow themselves to be photographed or recorded .  It is a powerful indicator that, whether the rest of society likes it or not, psycho-active and muscle-building substances, such as steroids, have been used, are being used, and will continue to be be used even long after the downfall of the US Government, which is likely to be caused directly by the war on drugs, the war on terror, or any other wars that our leaders have blindly started for no other purpose than their own thrills and ambitions.   Interestingly enough, it is the pleasure center of the hypothalamus that is effected when leaders flex their muscles.  Thus, someone might find pleasure in gambling, boating, camping, using drugs, but it is our leaders who get their kicks from the wars they start.  How poignant!
The bottom line here is simple: Recreational drug use is as legitimate as is using drugs as medication.  The flaw of our society is the failure of both government and medicine to take responsibility and make drug use safer for all citizens.   There is no need for a WOD, just advanced high-quality recreational and medicinal drugs available to the public at an affordable price.