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Use & Disorders in the ECA

defining  parameters distinguishing use from disorders in the electrochemical age




Line 1: ElectroChemical Age

The Age in which we live that is defined by the technology we use.  

Line 2: Types of Substances Subject to Disorders and Drug Use

Pertains only to psycho-active drugs that cross the blood-brain barrier and steroids.

Different drugs may have different guidelines to administer, however there is one universal rule that applies to the way that all drugs are to be used.  That universal rule is the Standard Dose.  For every drug -- regardless whether it is illicit, prescribed, or OTC -- the Standard Dose must pertain to the typical maximum dose.  Exceeding one Standard Dose over a given period of time for any drug or substance may be considered drug abuse.  It is normal for someone to take 1/2 dose for the first dose of some medications.  It is also normal for using 2x the amount for the first dose of other medications.

Pertains only to psycho-active drugs that cross the blood-brain barrier and steroids.

Line 3: Identifying Normal and Abnormal Behaviors

ADD2 is abnormal human behavior

Drug Use is normal human behavior

Drug Abuse is abnormal human behavior

Line 4: Defining Normal and Abnormal Behaviors

ANTI-DRUG DISORDER is the extreme, psychotic fear of drugs that developed from fear and ignorance spawned by the WOD.

DRUG USE is the normal use of drugs for medical and recreational purposes, however, it is thought that there may only be medical purposes associated with repeated drug use.

DRUG ABUSE is typically characterized as overdosing.  It is largely derived from poor or lack of training.

Line 5: Defining Doses Associated with each

No dose... No drugs.

Normal behavior is defined as 0 to 1 dose, meaning part of normal behavior is not taking any medication, up to one dose. One dose = 1 Standard Dose of the drug.

Taking more than one dose of medication -- unless this is the protocol required -- is overdosing and overdosing is drug abuse.

Line 6: Predictable, Unpredictable, and Harmful Behavior

When someone is denied access to drugs by a physician, the same penalties should apply as those given to physicians who provide too much medication.  In this event, physicians are under-treating patients which is a sure-sign of ADD2.   Thus, behavior of the patient will be both unpredictable and harmful.  ADD2 has been known to disable many individuals.

Drug use is characterized by typically predictable behavior, that has been demonstrated in laboratories and with clinical subjects, representative of the population of users.

Too many doses is over-medicating.  In medicine, too much medication is not an option.  There are no option.  Overdosing can be dangerous and deadly with any drug, precautions should be mandated.  Anyone who ventures to overdose is doing so at their own risk.

Line 7: Defining Conservative & Progressive  Roles

Very logically, Conservative values in the WOD, hang to the left of 0 dose.  Progressive values should extend from 0 to 1 dose.  Unfortunately, they don't.

 Line 8: Where the Republican Party is and Where it Should be.

The Republican Party professes to be anti-drug, but this is not totally true.  The Republican Party is anti-drug for the socioeconomically depressed, but pro-drug for the wealthy.



Line 9: Where the Democratic Party is and Where It should be.

 The Democratic Party is anti-drug for no reason at all other than taking a departure from the American public and becoming the first party to cross  socioeconomic lines, joining Republicans.  The bipartisan support for the war on drugs in the US is a powerful sign that American is quickly becoming a fascist nation.   Logically, if there is no party representing the majority of people in America, then it's quite obvious that America is no longer a democracy.


Line 10: WOD vs DUE

ADD2 was spawned by the WOD DUE is a program which teaches people how to use drugs safely and effectively.  It is a program designed for the generation today. Drug Abuse increased because of the WOD

How to tell if your intake of drugs is medical or recreational.

When someone takes a drug for medical benefits, they are not taking it to  "add" any type of pleasurable feeling, albeit, this may be a side effect.   The medication is taken to stop something from occurring, to start some process that is needed, and generally to resolve a problem.  When someone takes a drug specifically because it causes a pleasurable sensation, they are using the drug recreationally.  There is reason to believe that the majority of people who use illicit drugs on a regular basis are not simply taking the drug for recreational purposes.  In the case of methamphetamine, for example, although it's euphoric properties attend to attract those who can derive the feeling of euphoria from it.  Many cannot.  However, methamphetamine is now known to be responsible for volume increases of brain matter, normally lost due to the HIV an cerebral infection that takes place almost immediately after infection.  This means that as soon as someone becomes infected with HIV, their brain begins to deteriorate at a rather steady pace.   Those who use methamphetamine will find this to be less of a problem, because the drug produces these brain cells faster than HIV can destroy them. 

In AIDS patients, it was found that those who outlive the period without HIV meds (1980 - 1996) were those who used low doses of crystal methamphetamine throughout the period.  The US government has rescinded requests for grants of anyone who has tried to prove this.  Thus, German and Asian research teams had proven this a year ago.

The war on drugs in America is very stupid, deceptive, and evil.  Fueled by greed, this war is likely to cause foreseeable conflict that could turn the US into a very poor nation in just a decade.  Quality leadership does not exist today in America.  The many wars the US is fighting make no sense and the government has become completely divorced from the general public.    Every year since 1983, known drug dealers and drug users with no families have disappeared without a trace.  In 2005, a joint program at UCLA was launched to find the whereabouts of these missing persons.  The theory is that a government operation exists to  remove those members from society who have no family and might pose a threat.  Where these people are relocated to is unknown.   Rumors of abuse and experimentation have existed for years, but there is no evidence to proove this.  If you have any information about such government operation, please contact richard@gicomeng.com.