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warban gicopipe
If you think the war on drugs is such a SMART idea, maybe you should take a closer look at the packaging
Drug War
NO Drug War
 Manufactured in clandestine labs in and out of the U.S. , smuggled across the Mexican boarder and "thermo-sealed" in this clear plastic bag with no instructions, the War on Drugs has created an industry, enabling abuse.
Sans prohibition, educated consumers would be able to purchase methamphetamine more easily in labeled bottles, like the one shown above from Ovation Pharmaceuticals.

The war on drugs has four purposes:

  1. to make you stupid;
  2. to make you fail;
  3. to control you;
  4. and to kill you.

The US government introduced the "controlled substances" in 1970 as a step toward the War on Drugs.  It is impossible for anyone to accurately estimate the number of legal and illicit drug users/abusers...   Of course, the dead never lie....  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), In 1969, there were fewer than 2,000 drug-induced deaths in the U.S. in 1979, there were  7,190 drug-induced deaths in the U.S.; in 1989 -- 5 years after First Lady, Nancy Reagan, introduced the "Just Say 'No'" campaign in K12 classrooms across the country, there were  10,710 drug-induced deaths on U.S. soil.    By 1999, that figure had risen to 19,128 deaths; and in 2009, it was estimated that there were more than 50,0000 drug -induced deaths in the U.S.   This means that it is likely there are more 20 times the number of drug abusers in the U.S./ than were were in 1969.  

Today's Drug Abuse Education curriculum doesn't stop drug abuse; it teaches students how to abuse drugs and then tells students not to practice  what they learned in class.  

In 2010, there were more drug convictions in the U.S. than during the previous 5 years.  Although   prison sentences are less severe than they had been during the 1990s, prescription drug users and physicians are still often targeted.  

Q:  If a wheelchair-bound legitimate prescription drug user in 2004 was sentenced to 25 years in a Florida state penitentiary, how many years would you think that someone actually trafficking illicit drugs would receive in the state of Florida?

A:  While Richard Paey was sentenced to 25 years in prison during 2004, Jimas Rodriquez, caught trafficking drugs from Mexico the same year, was deported by a Florida judge in Miami County because taxpayers in Florida would not accommodate a citizen of Mexico in a Florida prison.  Since Mr. Rodriquez was occupied in a legitimate job, he was not wanted by Mexican police.  Mr. Rodriguez  returned to his job trafficking drugs to the U.S., a job he maintains to this day.  

Meanwhile, there are legitimate methamphetamine users who have disorders such as narcolepsy, ADHD, obesity... and cannot obtain the drug, whereas, public clinics are giving patients Viagra. 

In 2005, it was estimated that more than 145 million Americans have been displaced by alcohol or substance abuse.  More than half have never even seen a drug.  Every year, there are more. Why?

  1. Because physicians won't prescribe controlled substances, fearing for their own welfare and putting their patients at great risk;.
  2. Because drug screening has created a nationwide witch hunt in the US workforce, but instead of executing these victims, the government destroys their lives and everything they own very slowly, and then begins to reel them into prisons, making our urban communities a hunting ground of homeless and jobless misfits, generally from a minority group;
  3. Because there is no mandatory or voluntary educational program in the US that teaches the general public about drug usage.   Citizens generally learn what they know from friends and drug dealers.  During the 1960s, physicians provided this information.  Today, it is considered unethical for a provider to maintain a pro-positive discussion about recreational drug use (even when the use is legitimate). 
  4. Because people are impacted by loved ones who abuse drugs simply because there is no one to teach them how to use drugs properly.  These drugs may be prescribed by a provider who will give limited instructions to a pharmacist.  The pharmacist and the staff of the provider are often unable to supply enough information, although pharmacists commonly are aware that providers often don't consider multiple drug interactions.  
  5. Because there is a lack of research to study why certain drugs are being used by the general population, and therefore, physicians fail to understand their patients who use drugs; physicians fail to comprehend even well documented disorders let alone the many changes that continually take place in our environment where there are more airborne chemicals than ever before;
  6. Because counselors are not trained to administer proper support;
  7. Because the US has decided that discrimination against drug users is acceptable...../

If you are a drug user/abuser in the US, you are not alone and yet you are painfully isolated from support system because there are none for drug users.  For the abuser, there are programs that often don't work because they are religion-based, requiring the abuser to first modify their religious philosophy before they can be treated.  Thus, these programs violate the US Constitution.  The majority of drug abuse programs require that victims berate themselves, admit to being second class scum, and they require self-condemning processes to be applied if one fails which can irrevocably damage one's self esteem and cause pathological disorders that range from increased addictive behavior to personality disorders, schitzophrenia and even lead to violent behavior as these individuals fight to avoid cravings for the drug.

Today, the introduction of blockers that impede cravings are considered successful, however they are not.  Recently, it has been reported that blockers can cause serious depression and feelings of no escape.  Often blockers won't work if a victim of drug abuse uses tremendous doses of the drug that have a great physicical impact on the organs of the body.  The benefits of blockers can only be measured by those patients who willingly agree to use them. 

Just how much support are there for those who use drugs? One look at the packaging of these illicit substances will tell you just what our political leaders and physicians think of each and every individual who uses drugs.

The war on drugs is driven by FEAR and only fear.  The people of society have been indoctrinated to believe that it is okay to discriminate against anyone who manufactures, sells, distributes, uses, abuses, or possesses drugs.  Even if someone is related to or associates with someone who uses illicit drugs can be subjected to discrimination.  Users and abusers are  victimized and terrorized by our own government and the physicians who treat us. The war on drugs is not a defensive war. It is an offensive and hostile undertaking that is designed to harm those who are willing to take risks.  In other words, those of us who model the lives of our forefathers are now being eliminated as society reaches out to conformists.  If that's not a slap in the face to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, then Homeland Security sure is.

If drug users have to continue living (and dying) with the war on drugs, it's about time they started fighting back.  But they need your help and encouragement.

  1. Make healthcare and the war on drugs the major issue of every local, state, and federal election. If you don't like what you hear, stand your ground and make your demands heard; if the president of our country can use psychostimulants while in public office, then the rest of the country should be able to use them as well;
  2. Tell your physician how you feel. Report your physician to the Department of Health and Human Services if you are being treated improperly or if you know of someone who is being treated unproperly;
  3. Protest and demand better healthcare for drug users;
  4. Tell your physician every drug or substance you use; be honest, and if your physician tries to discourage you, demand that he or she provide you with prescription drugs to replace every illicit drug you use. If your physician refuses, report that physician to the Americn Medical Association;
  5. Whatever you do, DON'T let this issue carry over to the generations ahead of us.
  6. Above all, use Common Sense.  If someone is hurting themselves from being strung out on drugs, see that they get medical attention.  Remember: One shoe size doesn't fit everyone.  Those who use drugs should only be allowed to do so if they act responsibly.


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